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I'm not sure if I'm early, or late.  But here's hoping for 'right on time'......

The Harrison Review is my ground floor effort at pursuing a career in writing, speaking, and all things commentary.  For those of you who know me, you've seen me spend the last several years teaching and engaging, debating and learning, writing and reading on the leading problems and questions of the day (along with plenty of topics that are decidedly--and refreshingly--unimportant).  In recent months, however, my own desire to contribute in a more public way, in tandem with one too many of my closest friends and family urging me to take a next step, has left me with a challenge.  This site is a first effort at taking up that challenge.  The core values you will see center stage here are honesty, accessibility, intellectual rigor, and fairness (and a gratuitous overuse of lower case English characters.)

I have an advanced degree in Philosophy and have spoken and written on subjects ranging from philosophy to religion to social ethics.   ​I call Huntsville, AL, home, where I live with my lovely wife Laura and my two beautiful angel-girls Charlie and Lucy.



The Harrison Review was launched in 2020 as the official outlet for the analysis and commentary of Andrew Harrison.  The goal of The Harrison Review is to earn its way onto the short list of 'must reads' for all critical thinkers.

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